Online File Storage


Carbonite Online Backup Storage  v.7. 4. 2009

Online backup storage from Carbonite is the right tool if you want to automatically back up all the data on your PC. Most importantly, Carbonite is a set-and-forget service. It takes just one minute to download and install and then you're all set.

Internet File Storage  v.

IFS is internet file storage system.It can store and work with files of any type (music, video, pictures), manage access rights to system files and folders Automatic file resuming, file and folder caching, automatic data upload, simple and easy


DriveHQ Online Backup  v.5.0 Build 375

DriveHQ Online Backup automatically backup your files and emails. No backup device needed. Offsite backup is much safer than local backup! DriveHQ Online Backup is an online file & email backup solution ideal for businesses. Easy, automatic, secure,

SharedSafe  v.0.6.2336

SharedSafe turns Email accounts into online file storage. Share and synchronize any number of local folders across multiple computers. SharedSafe uses an encrypted file system to store your files in Email accounts.

SugarSync Manager  v.1. 9. 1941

SugarSync makes it easy to backup, share and access your files, anytime, anywhere. With SugarSync you get online cloud storage for all your files - documents, music, photos, and video.

Cloud Drive  v.1.0.2

Drag & drop your files into Google Doc. The Cloud Drive sidebar gadget will allow you to drag & drop your files into Google Doc.Basic 1. Drag and drop your files into Google Doc for online file storage. 2. Secure HTTPS connections to Google 3.

Dashboard Gauges Widgets  v.1.01

Dashboard Gauges are automobile-style gauges that display the status of your computer: Tachometer: CPU Usage Fuel Gauge: Battery Status Temperature Gauge: Computerls Temperature Speedometer: Free RAM & Uptime.

PC Photo Recovery  v.2.0

With the help of an third party internet service you can make online file backuop or an online computer backup.

Criticali Online Backup Manager  v.6 5

The Criticali online file backup service is a secure and reliable means of safeguarding your critical data so that it can be restored in the event of loss.

Sentinel Online Backup  v.

Online Backup For Business Sentinel Online Backup provides the safest, most secure online backup in the industry and the best part is it's all automatic!

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